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Feodora Hair and Beauty Salon Based in Abergavenny specialising in Wedding Hair and Makeup, Beauty, Tanning all in a relaxing environment!

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Root Colour                                                        £30.00  

Full Colour                                                          £35.50  

Root Colour - Cap 1 Colour                    £32.00  

Root Colour -  Cap 2 Colour                  £36.00  

Root Colour with 5-10 Foils                  £35.20

Gun Lites 1 Colour                                          £33.00      

Gun Lites 2 Colours                                       £36.30    

Gun Lites 3 Colours                                       £39.60  




T-Section 1 Colour                                         £32.00    

T-Section 2 Colours                                      £36.00    

T-Section 3 Colours                                      £40.00  

Half Head 1 Colour                                       £37.00    

Half Head 2 Colours                                   £42.00

Half Head 3 Colours                                    £47.00                    

Full Head 1 Colour                                        £48.00      

Full Head 2 Colours                                     £53.00    

Full Head 3 Colours                                     £60.00


Balayage  - Consultation required before due to timing and pricing


Toner                                                                          £15.00



*  £5 -£10 may be added to your bill for

length & thickness




Blowdry                                                                  £15.00  

Shampoo & Set                                                    £16.00  

Dry Cut                                                                     £20.00    

Wet Cut                                                                    £23.50  

Cut & Blowdry                                                  £29.00  

Top Perm                                                                  £27.50    

Full Perm                                                                £33.00    


OAP rates only apply on a Tuesday and Wednesday

Hair Studio



Buzz                                                                                 £7.70

Dry Cut                                                                       £15.00

Wet Cut                                                                      £17.00

Colour                                                                       P.O.A.


All boys  cuts over the age of 10 are

considered gents cuts




Dry Cut                                                                     £25.00

Wet Cut                                                                    £29.00

Cut & Blowdry                                                   £35.00

Re-Style                                                                   £42.00

Blowdry                                                                   £16.50

Luxury Blowdry                                              £21.00

Luxury Cut & Blowdry                              £38.00


Age 12-17 Cut & Blowdry                            £29.00

Under 12's Cut & Blowdry                        =£26.00

Childs Dry Cut                                                   £18.00


Weddings                                      P.O.A.




Blowdry with 'O' Rollers                       £22.00

GHD Curl                                                                 £33.00

GHD Curl with Blowdry                         £44.00

Basic Hair Up (from)  Trial                    £30.80

Wedding Hair Up                                             £38.50


Perms                                                                        P.O.A.




The Kebelo Treatment starts at £99

Consultation required prior to treatment


As a responsible company, with the best interests of our customers at the top of our agenda, we have therefore updated our tinting policy to match that of our manufacturers, ensuring the safe practice of our treatments.


I am pregnant/breastfeeding/under 16 but I still really want the tint, can I still have the tint if I sign some sort of consent form?


No, your stylist is a trained professional and they are obligated to adhere to manufacturers guidelines, they cannot go against them even with consent from the customer.  Remember this is for your safety.


If you are a new client or an existing client but you haven't been to us in 12 months, you will need a skin test before any tinting process can take place for both hair and beauty.


If you are pregnant or breastfeeding and have had a skin test within the last 12 months you will need a skin test before every tint you have because when you are pregnant your hormones change all the time, we will not take any responsibility if you are pregnant and have not informed us prior to a tinting process, please click on the link to see the NHS guidelines.


Unfortunately we can no longer tint on any person under the age of 16 by law.

Please read the new Tinting Policy at the bottom of this page......